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 Friday, May 12th, 2023

6pm - 10pm 

Aphrodite Cooks

37 Advance Road, Unit 105,

Toronto, ON

In honour of Mother's Day, Chefs Crystal Powell and Doris Fin have collaborated to bring you an exquisite 5 course dinner. 


TLC through taste, sound and visual splendour, a taste sensation your mother would love to experience.

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Upon arrival, the warm and talented Alryra's Music will grace us with her beautiful harp while you enjoy earthy cocktails and canapés. 

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2Fall Menu  2020.jpg

Charity Support Proceeds from the evening will go to

 a Toronto-based charity committed to serving new and expecting parents, mothers and single fathers in need. 


A Gift From Us All guests will leave with a generous giftbag to continue to savour the energy of self care and adoration. 

Motherhood is both rewarding and challenging. It is nature’s greatest epitome of selfless love, commitment and devotion.


In ancient times mothers were often tied to gods and goddesses and maternal symbols of fertility, birth, creativity, and cycles of growth.


Mothers are protectors, nurturers and providers, so it is obvious why mothers are seen as superheroes by many.

But, how do they do it?

We've invited 5 incredibly driven women to share their journeys of how they have it all;


Create life, manage a career, maintain the household, and their well being. 

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