Creating unforgettable moments!

When we listen to requests, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.


Our private chefs will make sure that everyone in your party has a delicious meal, no matter what their dietary needs are. 

Whether it's a sit down meal that suits the event, a mouth watering degustation or casual cocktail style; our team will have all the bases covered.

Lunch Table

Tying the Knot! 

We have a real passion for food, people and celebrations. We pride ourselves in creating a mesmerizing experience, one meal at a time. 

Having a intimate ceremony or interested in escaping?

Kanvas can help manage the details of your engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette and wedding nuptials

The  Art of Foodism 

When it comes to the art of cooking; from food blogs to magazines, to media advertisements, our food stylists focus on presentation.

It allows them to showcase their creations and demonstrates to our clients we are willing to go beyond their expectations.


Sweet Sensations

Our sweet tables are a creative combination of your own delicious hand-picked desserts, cakes, cupcakes, candy and  décor. guaranteed to give your guests something to talk about.